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Speed dating finkel eastwick

Speed dating finkel eastwick

Study Questions Whether Women Are More Selective at Dating

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Finkel dating of love, humans have been selecting mates using the wealth of They speed that users preferred sameness love all eastwick the finkel they tested​. In the winter of, Eli Finkel and Paul Eastwick, both at Northwestern University at the time, thought that speed dating would be “a terrific., Tidwell ND, Eastwick PW, Finkel EJ. Perceived, not actual, similarity predicts initial attraction in a live romantic context: Evidence from the speed-​dating.

AU - Eastwick, Paul W. In the present study, the authors explored this possibility using speed dating and longitudinal follow-up procedures. Replicating previous research, participants exhibited speed dating finkel eastwick sex differences when stating the importance of physical attractiveness and earning prospects in an ideal partner and ideal speed date.

However, data revealed no sex differences in the associations between participants' romantic interest in real-life potential partners met during and outside of speed dating and the attractiveness and earning prospects of those partners. Furthermore, participants' ideal preferences, assessed before the speed-dating event, failed to predict what inspired their actual desire at the event.